*** CyberGothDiva *** (cybergothdiva) wrote,
*** CyberGothDiva ***

for love..

hello kitties,

this journal is mostly friends only
.  comment here / introduce yourself or add me and let's see what happens! comments are screened for your privacy and mine.

i mostly post about my feelings, fun, my travels, clubbing/concerts, my desires, feminism, world events, mischief, my dreams, health, films, my goals, anti-oppression issues, community, my thoughts, activism, my cat, left wing politics, music, parties, and i sometimes post  pictures of my creations -  as i absolutely love making cyber wear! think about whether these interest you before you add me.  i am generally a positive, friendly person. however, please be respectful if we ever disagree or we won't be able to stay friends.      


ps if i have added you before you have added me, it is so you can have a chance to see a little more about me - temporarily. if i delete you because you haven't responded after some time, you haven't necessarily missed your chance. try me. i'm nice.
if you add me and i don't  add you, or i defriend you, please don't take it personally. my values are very important to me.
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